Journal from an EMT

“The plane takes off as I look at the dozen or so C-130’s parked along the runway. Each being filled to the brim with boxes stamped with USAID, UNICEF, WFP, or WHO. Each destined for a moonscape barely an hour away but light years away from the pristine airport they will leave. Tranquil teal water stretches below as the puffy white clouds accent the perfect blue sky. The incredible efforts by the The handshakes and hugs given by ticket counter Read More

Update from the ground

“We just loaded thousands of dollars worth of medicine, supplies and food onto a boat tonight.  These will be heading to the worst hit areas of Tacloban and we will fly there tomorrow morning at 5 AM.  It looks like we brought exactly what was needed.  Sadly many of the people are starving in Tacloban and have started to eat rats to survive.  We are headed there tomorrow, with:  2 Emergency Medicine Physicians, 1 Family Practice Doctor, 2 Dentists, 3 Read More