The Islita team had the pleasure of visiting Ukraine, earlier in March.  The trip was almost surreal.  It was an honor to experience Eating and sleeping with the refugees.  It was humbling to hear the stories of their families being torn apart and having to walk through the snow, after their cars ran out of gas, and make the journey through the five day line at the border.  It was heart wrenching to hear their stories of being separated from Read More

Nepal Earthquake

The April 2015 earthquake in Nepal killed approximately 9,000 people and injured another 25,000.  Hundreds of thousands of people are now homeless.  There are many wonderful organizations in the process of assisting in the relief efforts.  The Islita Foundation responded by sending our Board Certified Emergency Physician to the scene, where he was able to see many patients during May of 2015.  Some of the pictures from this trip are included below.    


Typhoon Haiyan displaced an estimated four million people in the Philippines—more than the number of those displaced by Hurricane Katrina and the Indian Ocean Tsunami combined—posing an unprecedented challenge to the government and relief agencies.  The Islita Foundation has sent a board certified emergency physician and supplies to assist in the relief efforts.  Viewer discretion is advised when viewing these images.       Below is a link to a short video: VIDEO

South Sudan

The Islita Foundation has sent help to south Sudan, due to continued emergency medical needs. The local Nuer Communities were recently attacked by groups sponsored by North Sudan targeting local villages in South Sudan. The most recent attack happened March 9, 2012 in the Akobo and Nasir Counties of South Sudan, and as a result, approximately five hundred people, including women and children, have severe injuries.  Thousands more have been killed.  The South Sudan government and local government have normalized the security condition but local Read More

Japanese Tsunami

The Islita Foundation announces today that it has sent a Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician trained in disaster relief to areas near Sendai, Japan. These are some of the areas hardest hit by last weeks Tsunami. This is in direct response to the country of Japan allowing foreign doctors to provide assistance. Below are some photos followed by a video related to this project:                             Click here for a video interview with Dr. Riesenberger

Hope for Haiti

The Islita Foundation is very concerned about the great tragedy affecting Haiti.  We have established a fund specifically for the relief efforts there.  Additionally, we have already sent one physician to the country to provide medical assistance (see pictures below from recent trip).  Please specify “Haiti” on your donations and 100% will go to the work we are doing in this country.