About The Islita Foundation

While traveling in Costa Rica, my wife and I discovered a small outflow of land, called Punta (Point) Islita by the local people. When we inquired about the name, we were told that although the land appears to be an island, it is actually connected to the mainland.  However this can only be seen at low tide.  We immediately drew a parallel to our own lives and how at many times we behave as islands, focusing only on our own needs.  In reality we aren’t islands and we are connected to others in this world.  To us, Islita became a reminder of our unseen connection to the disadvantaged in this world.

For years my wife and I have supported various non-profit organizations.  Although we admire the work of many of these organizations and continue to support them, we also felt an increasing need for smaller, grass roots based organizations with fewer overhead costs, allowing for more efficient use of donation funds.

With this in mind we decided to create a non-profit organization which would be able to direct 100% of donation funds to the intended target areas.

We achieve this in two ways:

  1. By volunteering our time and experience to run the organization
  2. By paying the remaining overhead costs ourselves

The goal of the Islita Foundation is to provide educational and health related assistance to disadvantaged populations, both domestically and internationally.

At this time we are focusing on two areas: To provide medical relief to disaster areas in need and to support medical, dental, and education projects in need of assistance both domestically and internationally. We obtain this goal by utilizing our staff of professionals where possible and financially supporting established clinics and schools for projects identified by the Foundation.

Please contact us anytime to (1) submit a request for assistance, (2) to obtain additional information, or (3) to get involved.